Spartan Girls Soccer

Karla Pohl
The Spartan Girls Soccer team, coached by Mr. Grenier and Mrs. Pohl, are in full swing for the 2017-2018 season. The grade 9-12 team has a promising season ahead of them, with their first win against Drumheller 4-1 on September 20th. They have another home game Monday, September 25th against Carstairs and a tournament in Drumheller Friday, September 29th. After that, they have a few more exhibition games before they prepare for zones in October, where they have placed top 3 for the last 2 years. 


Milany A
Britt B
Kaliese B
Lucy B
Elise C
Emmersen C
Jennifer C
Liz C
Madeline C
Zoe C
Rose Chong-Wu
Jenna D
Kathryn D
Kelsi D
Emsens E
Haylin E
Anikka H
Emma H
Taylor H
Abi I
Aaralyn L
Holly L
Airianna M
Emily M
Humera M
Lauren M
Kayla P
Ray-Lynn Q
Allana R
Sydney R
Elise S
Madison T
Mikayla T
Maeve V
Shayla W
White Y
Becca Z