School Fees

School Fees

School Fee Schedule

Fees payment is due November 1, 2018

Locks:  New $10
             Used $5
      (All students must use a school-issued lock if they want to use a locker)

School Yearbook:  $40 (optional)
Fitness Centre Membership: $100 (optional)  Memberships run September 1, 2018, through August 31, 2019

School Fees -- Grades 10 - 12


General Fee Information

You can view your child's school invoice online using the Online Fees payment system. (We no longer mail out invoices except when requested.)

If you have not created an online payment account, you may do so from our website:

Go to our website
Click the "Students/Parents" link on our homepage.
Click the "Online Fees" link in the Parent Column.
Click the "Sign Up" link in the green box.
Enter your first and last names, the email address you would like to use as well as a password that you will remember.
Click the link to "Terms and Conditions" and then click the box to toggle that you have read and agree to the terms for using the site.
Click "Next".
You will be asked to enter your child's student ID number, which is found on report cards, invoices, and in PowerSchool as well as their last name.  Once you have entered this information click "Done" and the system will bring up suggested student matches. Click "Done" again to accept your child's name.
Click on your child's name on the summary tab to see their fees.  
Click "Add to Cart" beside the fee(s) you want to add to your cart.
Click "Check out" to proceed with your payment.  Payment may be made with a debit or credit card.  (Note: some banks do not support the option to use their debit cards for online payment)

Invoices may also be paid in person at the Olds High School office with cash, cheque, debit or credit card.

School invoices are now a live document and may change periodically due to course changes, team fees, field trips, etc.  

If you require financial assistance, please contact the OHS office to set up a payment plan or for waiver information.