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Rose Haugen

Administration Support

403-556-3391 Ext. 4602
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Education:  Olds College - Office Administration Certificate/Life Experiences

It has been a privilege and an adventure working as admin support "in the heart" of Olds High School for 25 years and I am looking very forward to my 26th year!  There are many reasons why I keep coming back, but just to name a few...I couldn't ask for a better administration team to be leading such a potential school and to also be working with the excellent teaching and support staff...last, but not least, the students are the best crowd to be involved with.   I appreciate the diverse and caring work enviroment I am in and feel very lucky to be working for such a great school division and high school.  I am a mother of two grown sons and have five grandchildren.  I understand kids of many scenarious and appreciated what they all have to offer.

I can be reached from 8am-4pm Monday to Thursday.  Ph:  403-556-3391 ext. 4602