Chinook's Edge School Division

Rose Haugen

Administration Support

403-556-3391 Ext. 4602
Key Roles

Education:  Olds College - Office Administration Certificate

It has been a privilege and an adventure working as admin support "in the heart" of Olds High School for 23 years and I am looking very forward to my 24th year!  There are many reasons why I keep coming back, but just to name a few...I couldn't ask for a better administration team to be leading such a wonderful school and to be working with, the excellent teaching and support staff are such great people to be around, and least but not last, the students are the best crowd to be involved with.   I appreciate the diverse and caring work enviroment I am in and feel very lucky to have been here this long.

I am married with two sons who have given me two wonderful grandaughters and have one happy-go-lucky step grandson - being a grandmother is truly the best part of my being so far.  I lavish the summer weather for camping, gardening, motorcycling, and travelling.  The rest of the time you will find me here at the Olds High School office.