Spartan Cross Country

Angie Dezall, Melanie Hillier

Coaches:  Mrs Melanie Hillier, Mrs. Angie Dezal

During September and the beginning of October we will train each Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.  We will meet in the Green Quad.  From there we  proceed outdoors for warm up stretches and then spend about 1/2 hour running followed by cool down stretches.

Runners are encouraged to train on their own at least one additional time each week.

Those students also involved in volleyball, football, hockey etc are encouraged to attend any of these weekly practices that fit in with their schedule.  I a student practices on his/her own, please record the time and distance.

Meet Information:

Terry Fox Run-- Olds High School on September 28

CESD Dvisional -- Sundre on September 28.  To qualify for zones, you MUST run in this meet.

Zones--Sundre on October 6

Provincials-- Cochrane on October 15




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