Spartan Girls Soccer

Jana Kemmere, Karla Pohl

The Spartan Girls soccer team is comprised of grades 9 - 12 students.  Practices are Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm at the OHS East Field.   The first team game is on Monday September 19 against Carstairs.  It is a home game with Kickoff at 4:30 pm.  The team will travel to Drumheller on Wednesday, September 21 for a game and then have a tournament on September 30.  Zones is October 14 and 15 in Drumheller.  All girls are welcome to come out and play.

Coaches:  Mrs. K Pohl and Mrs. J Kemmere


Britt B
Kindra B
Lucy B
Elizabeth C
Rose C
Kathryn D
Taylor H
Emily L
Holly L
Arianna M
Emily M
Emily M
Humera M
Vanessa M
Kayla P
Ray-Lynn Q
Madison T
McKenna T
Mikayla T
Breanna W
Shayla W