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Physical Education

The aim of the Physical Education Program is to enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. The program emphasizes active living, with a focus on physical activity that is valued and integrated into daily life. Successful completion of Physical Education 10 is required to obtain a high school diploma.

Strong evidence exists that physical activity contributes to the overall well being of individuals. People of all ages can substantially improve their health and quality of life by including a moderate amount of physical activity into their daily routines. Participation in physical activity contributes to physical, mental and social well-being providing benefits to the individual and the community. 


Fine Arts


We offer credited courses in the following areas: Band 9, Band 10, Band 20, Band 30, Choir 10, Choir 20, Choir 30, Jazz band 15, Jazz Band 25, Jazz Band 35, Guitar 10, Guitar 20, Guitar 30. We do not offer any beginner band classes; students who enter Band 9 require a minimum of 3 years band prior to entry into the class. 












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Career and Technology Studies (Trades)

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Career and Technology Studies (Foods)   

Second Languages (French and Spanish)

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