About Olds High School

October 2018

Next week we will be hosting our Parent-Teacher interview evening on Wednesday, October 24th.  Teachers are available from 3:30-5:30 pm and  6-8:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet with the teachers to discuss how we can work together for student success. As a teacher, I have always found the meetings insightful in understanding the student better. We go on the assumption that no one knows them better than their parents.

We do not send out report cards for high school students (grades 10-12) unless requested. We have set November 7th as the date when comments and marks will be entered in PowerSchool; this date marks the halfway point of the semester.  Marks are accessible on PowerSchool at all times but we pay special note at this point in the semester.

We have been working hard to monitor attendance closely this year.  Statistically speaking, one of the best predictors of student success is strong attendance in school.  Please notify the office if a student absence is excused.

Thanks for all of your support of OHS.  

Tom Christensen


About Olds High School ...

Principal Mr. Tom Christensen
Vice Principal Mr. Kent Lorenz
Vice Principal Ms. Gayleen Roelfsema
School Board Trustee Ms. Trudy James
Student Body Grades 9 - 12 
Student Body Population 564

Olds High School is part of the Community Learning Campus (CLC). The CLC is an innovative approach to high school, post-secondary, and community education. The CLC addresses specific rural needs by sharing resources and working jointly with a variety of community groups and agencies. Currently, we have about 600 students, grades 9 - 12 enrolled at our school.

OHS is embracing a high school experience that provides more schedule flexibility and increased student self-direction in order to better serve 21st Century learners.  The physical design of our facility reflects a non-traditional (non-industrial model) personalized learning environment. Organized around four learning neighbourhoods or ‘Quads;’ core subjects are embraced by interdisciplinary teams of teachers working with a fixed group of students.

Our teaching staff is extensively involved in a variety of professional development activities besides normal conference and workshop involvements.  Our staff has representatives on district committees (e.g. Language Arts, Technology, and Math), diploma and achievement exam markers and test designers; government field tests are administered every year; people working at the provincial level on curriculum projects

Our school programs are expanding to offer more preparation for entry into the work world and to introduce technology career opportunities to our students. Career Preparation, Green Certificates, RAP Plus, and expanded Career transitions are all current projects being offered to students at OHS.

For full details, diploma exam results, programs available and much more please visit our OHS Educational Plan.