School Yearbook

Contribute to the school yearbook!

Come out to our yearbook meetings (Most Tuesdays after school) and help put together the best yearbook yet!

Also, remember to bring your camera to any school activities/games and take pictures of you and your friends!  (oh, and don't forget to then give us those pictures!)  You can put them into the student share folder under Yearbook 2017, or better yet, upload your photos directly to our yearbook website at The passcode for signupt to Replay-It is found on the distro drive on our server.

Share the story of your year. Together. is a secure interactive website that allows our school community to upload and share the most memorable photos from the year. It’s your chance to have more of you and your friends in the yearbook.

Share your photos now!

Just log on to and get going.  When you first head to this website, you'll need to sign up.  Start by "finding your school" in the upper right corner.  You'll need our school pass code.  You can get it from our school server under the distribution drive.  The file is called "replayit passcode".

From then on, you can login with your email address and upload photos that you take at school events.  The better your photos are, and the more you upload, the greater chance we'll use them for the yearbook.

Yearbook staff login to Yearbook Avenue